We Are Dad, Lofton Croteau family portait. Michel Horvat, director and producer of We Are Dad

The Lofton-Croteaus are an amazing family; Headed by Roger and Steven; their contagious charm and humor has been key in coping with the rigors of raising Frank, Tracy, Bert, Wayne & Ernie. The dads also cope with the pressure of America’s most overtly anti-gay climates in its history;

4 of the kids have HIV/AIDS, 3 are of mixed race, 2 are from a backwoods Oregon Cult, and 1 of the kids, Bert, is at the center of one of the most hotly contested legal battles of this decade - Gay adoption.

Bert was born HIV positive, but at age 3 he sero-reverted, meaning he now tests HIV negative.
The result is that Florida, who deemed the parents good enough to foster a sick, unwanted child, considers the dads inadequate to adopt that
same, now healthy, child. Why? Because of Florida’s discriminatory complete ban on Gay Adoption.

The film chronicles the family’s struggles during the horrendous early years of the AIDS Pandemic and sets the fight for equality within a historical framework as Lofton v. The State Of Florida reaches all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

In an era when gay adoption is poised to be the wedge issue in the next elections, they prove that perseverance, love and a finely-tuned sense of irony do overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.

Meanwhile the Vatican has the gall to call this family ’gravely immoral?’